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Yes, please visit R&D Cell Website:


The Guide lines for preparation of thesis are available in the R & D Cell website.


The following documents are required to issue No Due Certificate:

i) Photo Copy of Admission letter issued by Director Admissions  

ii) Admission Fee Receipt 

iii) All Tuition Fee Paid Receipts 

iv) Photo copy of Colloquium Satisfactory Report 

v) Anti-Plagiarism Order copy 

vi) Photo copies of all Extension Orders (If Applicable) vii) Photo copy of S.S.C Certificate 

viii) All Full time Scholar’s should attach No Dues from Chief Engineer, JNTUH 

Note: All Photo Copies should be self attested by the candidate.


Yes, the candidate has to submit a request letter with recommendation of the respective supervisor in the R & D Cell to take Original Certificates for temporary purpose. The requisition for Original Certificates on temporary basis must be given on a Rs. 10/- bond paper mentioning the date before which the certificates will be returned back to the office. The details are avilable in the University R&D Cell website.  


Yes, the eligible research scholars can registered for RRM -I and RRM- II through RSIS portal.


The following documents are required for apply for Ph.D. course work:

            i) Admission letter ii) Academic Calendar iii) Course Work Registration fee receipt


a) The Course work in four theory subjects to be selected as per Guidelines in consultation with supervisor (Subjects other than Open Electives). In addition, the candidates have to attend course work on Research Methodology and satisfy attendance requirements conducted by R&D Cell, JNTUH.

b). Research Scholars are advised to look into website ( regularly for any information from time to time.

c). Course Work Registration forms have to submit at R&D Cell, JNTUH at least with in 10days from the commencement of class work.


Eligibility Criteria for RRM-I is completion of Research Methodology, Course Work / Pre-Ph.D.


Those are completed RRM-I Successfully and publishing of papers as per the requirement.


Chairman BOS, Head and two senior professors from the concern departments.


The following documents are required:
i) Application.

ii) Admission Letter.

iii). Abstract for the New Topic/Title as per norms.

iv). Course work & Pre-Ph.D. examination marks memo.

v) All Tuition Fee receipts (Till date) 

vi) Extension of time order (If applicable)


To submit thesis Anti-Plagiarism Check is compulsory.  The required limit is ≤ 24


The following documents are required to apply Ph.D Provisional Certificates.

i) Copy of the Admission Letter issued by the Director Admissions.

ii). Copy of 1st Tuition Fee Receipt.

iii). Copy of the Tuition Fee No Due Certificate issued by DRD.

iv). No Due certificate from University Central Library (Original).

v) Copy of Photo Identity proof vi) Soft copy of the Thesis (2 CD’s) with revision / Modified made if any.)

viii) A hard copy of the Abstract


The provision for cancellation of admission available by submitting the following documents:

i) Original Admission Letter Issued by the Director, Admissions.

ii) All Original Tuition Fee Paid Receipts (Along with Admission Fee Receipt).

iii)) Surrender of ID card issued by DRD.  

iv) Proof of requirement for cancellation.

v) Payment of Tuition fee as per norms. 


The following documents are required to submit the thesis:

i) Receipt of thesis submission fee

ii) Self Attested Copy of the Marks Memo(s) of Pre-Ph.D. & Coursework Examinations

iii) Self attested Copy of Research Methodology Course Certificate

iv) Self Attested S.S.C Marks Sheet v) Copy of the Admission Letter issued at the time of Admission

vi) Colloquium report vii) Anti-Plagiarism Check Report of R&D Thesis

viii) A photo-copy No Dues Certificate


The following documents are required for Resubmit the thesis:

i) Receipt of thesis resubmission fee

ii) Modified thesis copies (Hard and Soft copies) as per the suggestions of the examiners.


The following documents are required for Extension of time:

i. All Tuition Fee paid Receipts should be enclosed (Till Date).

ii. Photo-copy of Admission letter to be enclosed.

iii. Photo-copies of Research Methodology Certificate, Coursework marks memo & Pre-Ph.D. marks memo.

iv. List of Papers published in journals and conferences, full length copies to be enclosed.

v. A photo-copy of the Proceedings, if the permission is given for change of Supervisor/Co-supervisor.

vi. A photo-copy of the Proceedings, if permission is given for change of Topic.

vii. A photo-copy of the Proceedings, if permission is given for change of Title.

viii. A photo-copy of the proceedings, if permission is given for Extra chance to appear Pre-Ph.D. Exams.

ix. A Photo-copy of previous extension orders, if any.



The following documents are required for resubmission of original certificates:

i) Copy of the Admission Procds. Letter Issued by the Director Admissions.

ii) Copy of Photo Identity Proof.


The following documents are required:

i) Copy of Admission Letter issued to the scholar. 

ii) All Tuition Fee receipts (Till date)

iii) Course work & Pre-Ph.D. examination marks memo.

iv) Certificate of Research Methodology Course Work.

v) Permission letters of the following, if any: a) All Extension of Time. b) Change of Title/ Topic. c) Change of Supervisor/ Co-Supervisor.

Vi) Please furnish the details of the R R Ms.

Vii) List of publications in Journals along with Full Length Paper.

Viii) List of Publications in Conferences/seminars, with Title, Author names and all Details of Conference Proceedings (published after the Date of Admission/Registration of Ph.D.) along with certificates of paper presentation duly signed by supervisor/ co- supervisor and research scholar.

ix) Thermal Bounded Synopsis should be submitted.


A filled application to be sent to JNTUH in response to the Ph.D. admission notification as and when notification released 


Every year 31 July is the last date for submission of fee.