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Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad (JNTUH) is focusing on research programmes on need-based technology and solutions for societal problems. Accordingly, an independent Research and Development Cell (R & DC) was established in the year 2005 to promote and monitor the research programmes offered in the University. The R & D Cell administers Ph.D. programme in external and full time modes and monitors the research progress of the scholars.
The Research and Development Cell coordinates with the Directorate of Admissions for selection and admission of researchscholars, and interacts with Directorate of Evaluation for evaluation of thesis. Further, DRD interacts with the Constituent Units of University for academic activities of research course and with Directorate of University Foreign Relations (DUFR) for the admission of foreign national students. R & D Cell conducts Research Review Meetings (RRMs) once in every six months to evaluate and monitor the research work progress of the scholars. After the evaluation part of the thesis, R & D Cell conducts viva-voce examinations for the award of the Ph.D. degree in the faculties of Engineering, Science & Technology, Pharmacy, Management and Humanities & Social Sciences.

Research in JNTUH is originated for search of excellence and accuracy of end results. Therefore research policy provides guidelines on good and ethical practices in the conduct of research to achieve highest standards. The Research policy look ahead to creation of conducive research environment by creating focused research groups at par with international standards. This policy also focuses on utilizing the outcome of the research for benefit of society. JNTUH aims at promotion of research culture in accordance with the academic standards, legal framework, good governance and ethical practices. This policy looks upon to support research work with high standards and provide a strategy on how to achieve research goals.

  • To identify thrust areas, funding agencies, guiding and advising the University to go forward in research front.
  • To guide the Departments to do research in thrust areas as identified by national and international research organisations.
  • To identify gap areas in industry and to create the awareness for the sponsored and industrial research.
  • To work as a bridge between University and Industry with special reference to attract the projects so as to generate internal revenue and to convert technicalknowhow into operational mode with industry interface.
  • To work on any other research related activities as directed by the University.
  • Promote scholarship/ fellowship schemes for researchers.
  • In line with the National Educational Policy (NEP-2022) of achieving self-reliance in technology front.
  • To monitor and evaluate the progress of various Research Centres under the administrative control of the University.

  • To promote and facilitate collaborative and/or interdisciplinary research and enhancement of research networking capacity and infrastructure under the umbrella of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad in Telangana State.
  • To focus an utilization of resources and to gain research support for its stakeholders.
  • To contribute to the University’s strategic educational and research missions and to support synergies between researches, teaching and learning and consultancy services.
  • To promote and support high quality research in the area of Engineering, Science and Technology.
  • To create research culture with ethical concern.
  • To initiate anti- plagiarism policy to carry out of fair research.
  • To frame guidelines smooth conduction of research work.
  • To integrate industry oriented research facilities for academic community.
  • To clarify roles and functions of various committees, Director / Principal / Head / Chairperson, BOS / DRC of the Department / Research Guide / Scholars in order to facilitate researcher to understand the university research system and smoothly undertake research activities.